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what i think about at work


I should preface this post by explaining what it is I work with. I have previously touched on my working duties, but realize it was more in a ranting and raving sort of informational outline focused on my personal profuse bleeding abilities, and less of an actual explanation of the ‘process’.

I work at a Swedish company REC Indovent. I am employed through a rekrytering & bemanning company called ML Resurs.

Side bar: No, I do not know the translation of the Swedish words ‘rekrytering’ or ‘bemanning’. I also do not feel the need to look them up, as I will only use these words in Swedish – and in all probability there isn’t an appropriate, one word English translation. Feel free to Google Translate, let me know if you don’t get a frustratingly vague, and/or incorrect translation, and I’ll be sure to — continue to not care.

At REC we are directly involved in the production process and distribution of ventilation tubing.

Yes, I put together tubes all day.

Yes, this is repetitive and boring.

BUT, it has given me the wonderful gift of time. Unfortunately, this is not in what I call ‘unemployment time’ where one actually has an abundance of free time with which to do whatever sways one’s desires. Instead, I have the gift of time, allowed to a person when the things they are doing require little to no active thought or reflection. With all this time for thinking, I do a lot of reflecting. Really I just let my thoughts wander, and hope I don’t only repeat the same 90% of thoughts from the previous day. For me, I assume the percentage is far higher.

As proof, here are three things I have not been able to let go of, and my thoughts continually return to.

  1. Once we have completed the assembly of an order of tubes (requiring multiple steps and a variety of machines) the tubes are packed into boxes, and the boxes are labeled so as not to confuse the dozens of identical cardboard boxes. There are two labels that remind me every time I write them of people I know. First there’s KE, used to denote a simple tube, requiring few steps to assemble. Every time I finish a box of KE tubes, and I go to write on the box, I have a strong desire to add an S at the end. As it happens, KES are the initials of a close friend of mine, Katie. (Whose first name I have, of course, changed to protect her identity.) So, naturally, I think of Katie often, when I am assembling these tubes. KE(S) Then there are the aluminum tubes, a far more complex tube, that requires more material, time, and effort into their assembly. These boxed tubes are denoted with AA. Which of course reminds me of my friend Alison (again, name changed to protect identity). AA Daily I think of these two people, simply because of my association of these letters with their names. I apologize to all my other friends who are not lucky enough to have ‘tube initials’ and thus I never consider in my day-to-day life. Consider changing your names.
  2. There are an assortment of fans located in strategic places to aid in the cooling of employees in the summer months, when it is rather warm and stuffy in the warehouse/factory. A number of these fans are of the same brand. 4USE This brand is either ingenious or idiotic. I air on the side of assuming they’re idiots, and am thus constantly annoyed by their brand name. Of course the fans are for use!!! You don’t need to plaster it across the product. Figure it out.
  3. Working in this repetitive and unchanging environment gives me a huge respect for the annoyance, across the board, of parents who have had to deal with the preschool tune ‘this is the song that doesn’t end’. You may recognize this, as it was made popular by Lamb Chop (if not, click on the link, and prepare to get a new and exciting song stuck in your head for the next 172 hours). I have now experienced first hand the torture of mundane repetition, without the blithe ignorance and excitement of being 4 years old. And I do not like it.

P.S. I just want to express how awesome I think Lamb Chop was, and I miss it — clearly sending a mixed message here, which I’m okay with.


4 thoughts on “what i think about at work

  1. rekrytering bemanning —> GT recruitment agency

  2. hahah names changed to protect identity

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