Enjoy Not Knowing

Just another American living in Sweden

enjoy not knowing


And so it begins…

I have been somewhat hesitant in starting a blog, but it has always been in the back of my mind as something I want to do. I have been reluctant for many reasons (or two) and these are they:

  1. Time. These days I barely have enough time to get all my meals in, after work, hockey, and pretending to learn Swedish is out of the way. (I say pretend because when you’re at work for 8 hours and the rink for 5 there’s only enough energy left for pretending, not actual learning.) So, how can I expect myself to compose short essays at somewhat frequent intervals? High hopes. And, while I thoroughly enjoy reading my friends’ blogs, I also get behind from time to time, and have a few to read at once. My fear is that I’ll get behind on both my reading and my writing…and then it’ll be 10th grade English with Mrs. Auciello all over again. No one should have to experience that twice.
  2. What if no one reads it? I mean the point of a blog is for people to read it, right? Well, going back to my time argument above, what if no one I know has the time to read my blog? And plus I’m just not that entertaining. But after listening to Tina Fey’s autiobook “Bossypants” she taught me something. ‘Do your thing, don’t care if they like it.’ Great advice. (Bossypants is currently available on iTunes.) Plus, there’s always my mother.

In this, my first post, I will address the blog title. ‘Enjoy Not Knowing’ is something I’ve gotten from the one Brian Andreas, the creative mind behind Story People. A fabulous website definitely worth checking out. I will admit I did not discover him on my own. I was in fact made aware of his art, and website through my friends Kyle and Katie. (Whose names I have obviously changed for privacy purposes).

The quote goes as such: “I wish I knew what this means but I wish that about a lot of things so mostly I enjoy not knowing.” And I feel that this is a pretty accurate summation of my life at this point in time. There are all these things going on (both real and imagined) that I am trying to figure out. I’m starting to get the notion that I will not be able to figure things out, so I might as well sit back, let time run it’s course, and I’ll figure it out when I figure it out. If I figure it out. If I don’t, I might as well enjoy not knowing.

So here we go, I hope this goes well. Keep you fingers crossed. Or as they say in Sweden, håll tummarna (literally hold the thumbs – clearly more luck bringing than that finger crossing nonsense.)


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